Please note Grant applications are currently suspended. We hope to re-open Grant applications in Semester 2, 2024.

Early Years in Education Society are committed to assisting our members to improve their knowledge and enhance their teaching by offering an EYES Grant and “The Vi” Scholarship.

An Early Years in Education Society Grant is an opportunity for classroom teachers to celebrate and emphasise the importance and value of early years schooling.

EYES Grants

Grants of $100 – to $1,000 are awarded to successful current financial EYES member applicants to assist them with a special activity, project, or the accumulation of resources in order to conduct a special program. It can be a single event or ongoing, classroom exclusive, include parents or a whole community.

To apply for an EYES Grant you must be a financial member of EYES and for applications of over $500.00, you must have held membership for at least 12 months. The Grant money is paid to the applicant(s) in a single instalment.

What kind of activities will be funded?

Previous successful Grant applications  have included a scented garden, mural on a demountable classroom wall, “wonder wall” of free play resources, community reading project, buddy class collaboration, classroom pictorial timetable, story telling program and a Dads’ home reading project.

Some suggestions for possible grant projects are:

  • special gardens
  • books for a library with a specific focus or interest
  • music and movement collaboration with an outside agency
  • a PMP circuit
  • incursion/excursion follow up (circus, zoo, AQWA, farm, forest, ocean) record performances
  • collect oral history or stories of local residents
  • cooking activities and creation of a cook book
  • art exhibition with purchase of materials and display items
  • science fair
  • purchase of special scientific equipment
  • environmental projects such as tree planting, recycling, compost/worm farm
  • conservation and water wise projects
  • maths activities involving chance and data or measurement
  • woodwork projects or craft projects such as /sewing/quilting/weaving  projects
  • I.T. projects using current and old technologies
  • special needs projects
  • language development,
  • tactile, kinaesthetic and multi sensory projects
  • art projects such as  sculptures mosaics, murals

Vi Galatis Education Scholarships

The Vi Galatis Education Scholarship is a scholarship awarded by the Early Years in Education Society (EYES) to an early childhood educator (K- 3) employed in Western Australia.

The intent of the scholarship is to provide funding to enable or assist an early childhood educator to pursue a particular interest, to acquire new knowledge or skills that they would not be able to access, or achieve without the assistance of the Award. The undertaking must be in support of the EYES philosophy and benefit the education of young children in WA. 2012 saw the inaugural awarding of “THE VI” GALATIS Education Award – made possible by the vision of the EYES management committee.

Potential applications of the Award may be –

  • Attend a national or international conference
  • Undertake an extended professional development study tour of an early childhood facility with a history of excellence
    • Forest Kindergarten
    • Sure Start Programmes
    • U.K. Indigenous Education
    • Early Childhood Education programs in Canada, Finland
    • Enrol in post graduate study – Master, Graduate Diploma, or Graduate Certificate
  • Enable release from current duties to volunteer in an early childhood education program of recognised quality
  • Work as a volunteer in a community to give back and share learned knowledge and skills

Selection Criteria

A recipient of the award must –

  1. Be a registered teacher in WA or provide evidence of working as an early childhood educator in WA
  2. Demonstrate evidence of a high level of classroom or educational practice
  3. Completed a minimum of 2 years continuous service in the field of early childhood education
  4. Submit an application which is approved (in writing) by a current line manager or department head
  5. Commit to conducting a presentation at the EYES conference or regional seminar
  6. Submit a written report to the EYES Executive Committee

Administration of the Award
The amount awarded (up to $5,000) will be determined by the EYES selection committee

How to Apply

  1. Email to request a grant application form
  2. Complete all sections of the application form.
  3. Get your Principal / Line Manager to co-sign the Grant Contract Agreement.
  4. Submit your completed application online to
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