The Early Years in Education Society is an Incorporated Member Based Association managed by volunteers and whose members believe in the following principles:
  • Language is central to learning;
  • Children should be engaged actively;
  • An integrated approach which provides a balance between active and passive experiences, freely chosen and directed activities in all curriculum areas;
  • The domains of learning (cognitive, socio-emotional, physical and creative) are considered essential in the development of the whole child’;
  • Appropriate assessment and reporting based on the Early Years Learning Framework;
  • Meaningful interaction with adults through observation, analysis and extension is essential;
  • The development of confident, independent responsible and motivated learners is fostered by individual, small and whole group activities where emphasis is placed on learning to learn;
  • Children learn best when home and school work cooperatively.

Membership Benefits

  • Priority invitation / placement at professional development events including the annual EYES Conference
  • Discounts at professional development events including the annual EYES Conference
  • Discounts at Business Partners’ outlets
  • E-Newsletter so you can keep up to date
  • The right and opportunity to vote for EYES office bearers
  • Access to the Members’ Only Area on the EYES website for additional information, resources and benefits
  • Opportunity to apply for an EYES Grant
  • Opportunity to apply for the Vi Galatis Scholarship award
  • Representation on your behalf in a range of issues and government initiatives affecting Early Childhood Professionals in Western Australia
  • Access to professional support from early childhood peers
  • Have your say about early childhood education on our forum or facebook page.
Membership of EYES ensures that early years educators are kept informed with the latest news, resources and events impacting upon the profession.

EYES Membership Fees

    • Full Membership – $20 per annum including GST
and also… EYES Financial Memberships are valid from July 1st to June 30th the following year. EYES membership fees are tax deductable Don’t wait any longer – join now, or, renew now and have access to the benefits of membership. Membership enquiries are best directed to the EYES Membership Secretary at