EYES is making some exciting additions to our 2017 Conference and you can be a valuable part of it!

There are many great things going on in early childhood settings but we often don’t give ourselves time to talk about them or hear about them. In 2017, the theme of the EYES Conference, on May 19 and 20 at the Pan Pacific Hotel, is the importance of talking, sharing thoughts and feelings about things of interest and importance to us (children and educators).

We want to encourage early childhood educators to talk at the conference about exciting, innovative and successful practices and projects. We have a limited number of 60-75 minute slots in the program for presentations by teachers and education assistants. We invite you to put together a short video of no more than 3 minutes, telling us about a specific program, project or practice that your fellow teachers at other schools could emulate. Email your video to:


You may need to use SendSpace or something like it that handles large files.

There may be a number of videos on the same topic, in which case only one may be chosen. If your video is selected, you will be asked to write a short abstract of your proposed presentation for the program. Assistance with writing this and planning your session will be available from EYES Committee members. The presentation should be as practical as possible and can involve hands-on activities. Conference delegates will be asked to give feedback on all conference sessions. The school with the most positive feedback from delegates will be awarded a prize donated by one of our sponsors/business partners.

This is a great opportunity to celebrate your successes! We look forward to hearing about what you are doing by December 5.

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