Programming Ideas

We have had many requests for programming ideas and templates that are linked to the Australian Curriculum and EYLF. Here are some recommended ideas for you.

Gowrie SA  Early Childhood Program Examples  sa gowrie program ideas 2015
Ideas and Inspiration

In this resource, you will find a selection of real examples of
programs that offer ideas and inspiration for possible program formats to support working with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the National Quality Standards (NQS).
These programs have been developed over time in response
to the introduction of the EYLF and NQS and to fit a particular
context. With this in mind, you will need to make sure that
ideas you get from these fit your own context and that they are
understood and engaged with by educators within your team.

see here .......Gowrie SA Early Childhood Program Examples

The Woodlands Hub

Woodlands Primary School has endeavoured to develop planning tools that are SIMPLE and TIME EFFECTIVE. We understand as teachers, that we do not have hours to spend collating huge documents. The essence of our tools are to provide a way of tracking content you have taught whilst also ensuring you are teaching the content that each child is entitled to access.       Here are some good ones from Woodlands Primary School blog "The Woodlands Hub".
Programming ideas and templates...

Australian Teaching and Learning Toolkitteaching-learning-toolkit-aus

The Australian Teaching and Learning Toolkit is an accessible summary of educational research. The Toolkit aims to:

  • Support evidence-informed decision-making in Australian schools;
  • Provide guidance for principals, teachers and schools on how to use their resources to improve educational outcomes for their students, particularly those from low-income families;
  • Act as an introduction to educational research.

The Australian Teaching and Learning Toolkit site provides access to a summary of educational research, a useful tool if you are looking for research to justify your teaching strategies!
Check them out here and go to their downloads page for some handy PDFs.

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