EYES offers workshops and seminars for parents and care givers of children, aged from birth to 8 years old, who are entering or attending their first years at school.  These sessions address some of the issues children, parents and carers encounter relating to early childhood education. They focus on developing strategies to assist children to have a positive experience at school.

Many children go to school unprepared because their parents, or others who care for them, are not aware of what children need to know to be ready for school, and that parents, themselves, are the best people to teach these things to children. With this in mind EYES has posted links to assist parents on our website.  See also our Pinterest  boards.

The sessions offered are presented by qualified and experienced educators at various locations.

The first presentation was held at the Pan Pacific Hotel in May, 2013 during the EYES conference.  The next session will be at the Kalgoorlie Regional Office in Federal Street in September, 2013.