Assessment: Keep It Real

When:    Saturday, October 31st,

Where:  Shenton College, 227 Stubbs Terace, Shenton Park WA

Time:     9:00 to 3:00

Cost:     Full Registration (includes morning tea, lunch and full seminar program) – Member : $110   Non Member $132

Part Registration  :  Member:  $55  Non Member $66
Session 1 ONLY (includes morning tea)
Session 2 ONLY  (includes lunch)
Session 3 ONLY  (includes lunch)

Session 1: 9:00 – 10:30 Assessment: Theory and Practice –

Barbara Bosich (Assistant Director of Pedagogy) & Holly Miller (Coordinator of P-2) Christ Church Grammar Schoolholly Miller Barbara Bozich

Most of us have been teaching in a time of great change with respect to the gathering of information about students’ progress. Collected data has been destined to inform different audiences with regard to the academic abilities of students across a range of learning areas. We have learned much from advocates such as Dylan Wiliam about formative assessment – those strategies which keep us abreast of the moment to moment learning in classrooms, whereas system wide information, such as NAPLAN and standardised testing has provided other more summative lenses to students’ ability.
The work of teachers in Reggio Emilia has further been instructive as to a more qualitative version of students’ experience, which documents in detail the process and products produced. Each school, indeed each classroom, has its own internal set of structures to gather and interpret information. From the large amount of data available at any one time, some of it will be used more forensically than others.
Our contribution to today’s meeting is to look carefully at what data is worthwhile collecting in the long and short term – what to look for, how to determine the relevance of the data and how to best find ways of being informed about students’ skills through everyday learning encounters.

Session 2:  11:00 – 12:30  Mapping a Child’s Journey, An Authentic and Valuable Assessment Process

Gillian McAuliffe (Founding Principal and Pedagogista), Bold Park Community School

Gillian will present her ideas on assessment, which she says “can be the map of a learning journey, ongoing and forever in progress”.   She further states “assessment, when viewed as a point in a journey, can be useful as it can help us to understand where the child has been, how they are travelling and perhaps how we can help the child in his/her journey.”
Gillian will demonstrate the process of assessment that Bold Park Community School teachers use to plot accomplishments of their students over a period of time. These accomplishments are reported to parents every semester.

Session 3: The Outdoor Play Space- Creating a Rich Learning Environment

Heather Kerr (Mount Hawthorn Primary School) and Anna Earnshaw (City Beach Primary School)

This is a proactive workshop with a focus on planning and designing exciting and creative outdoor learning environments with particular reference to EYLF, NQS and SCASA documents.  Bring photos of your outdoor areas to share and brainstorm ideas.

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